Men’s sexual health: replenishing lost energy and avoiding losing energy in the first place

It’s common for men to experience some fatigue or tiredness after losing semen. I notice that too, and I especially notice how my energy system feels empty, hollow, and weak in the kidney area and in the part of my energy system responsible for replenishing lost semen. Since I already have a weakness in my system (CFS), this additional loss of energy can impact me for one or more days.

With Vortex Healing, I have found a way to replenish this energy. Doing this, I hardly notice any weakness or loss of energy at all. (Fortunately, I and my partner are both Vortex Healers so we can do this together and it doesn’t take a very long time.)

It also helps me to avoid losing semen each time and instead chose when to lose and when to not, and only lose semen once a week or so. This can also help increase the pleasure and enjoyment for both partner. (My partner understands and is supportive of this, which makes it much easier.)

My own experiences

Teenage interest in Taoist sexual practices

I have noticed this loss of energy since my teens, and I was – at the time – very interested in Taoist sexual practices to maximize pleasure while avoiding losing energy.

I noticed I knew – instinctually or intuitively – how to have orgasm without losing semen. I used my intention to allow the orgasm while not ejaculating. I also noticed it was possible to experience different combinations of orgasm and ejaculation: Orgasm without ejaculation. Orgasm with ejaculation (conventional). Ejaculation without orgasm (once or twice although when this happens, I can continue).

Unfortunately, at the time and later, my partners were not very interested in Taoist sexual practices so I didn’t get to explore it as fully as I wanted. If I am honest, I gave up on these explorations after some years since my partners (serial monogamy) didn’t really understand and thought I didn’t experience pleasure if I didn’t ejaculate. (The contrary was actually the case.)

Now, I finally have a partner who understands and wants to explore this with me, so I get to continue my interest from my teens.

How I experience loss of semen

As mentioned earlier, I notice it mostly in my kidneys and the surrounding area. It feels like whatever systems and organs helps replenish semen are all depleted and weak after ejaculation. I usually notice this about 10-15 minutes after, and this is followed by a general sense of fatigue and depleted energy. It can impact me for days.

Why do my kidneys seem especially affected? It may be due to a previous chronic virus infection (Epstein-Barr), perhaps combined with emotional issues (fear etc.) impacting the kidneys.

And why did it sometimes impact me for days? It probably affects me more strongly than many others because of the chronic fatigue (CFS).

Using Vortex Healing to replenish sexual energy

With Vortex Healing, I have found a way to replenish this energy.

Immediately after loss of semen, it helps greatly to replenish prenatal jing and kidney essence, to energize my system in general, and intend for whatever else that needs it to be replenished and energized. (Fortunately, I and my partner are both Vortex Healers so we can do this together and it doesn’t take a very long time.) Doing this, I hardly notice any weakness or loss of energy at all. This is a dramatic change from how it was before I found this way of using Vortex Healing.

Using Vortex Healing for prevention and strengthening my system

In the bigger picture, it has helped me greatly to bring up the constitutional energy of the kidneys and my system in general, to work on my kidneys more specifically, to energize my system in general, and to work on energizing and optimizing my sexual system (including whatever parts of my body and energy system is responsible for replenish semen).

Additional notes

This is my experience, and it’s somewhat unusual since I am a Vortex Healing practitioner. How can others benefit from this?

Learn about Taoist (or similar) sexual practices. I have found Mantak Chia’s books useful.

Learn to enjoy sex without ejaculation.

And, if you want, ask a Vortex Healer to work on your system so you are less impacted by loss of semen. For instance, bring up prenatal jing and kidney essence (to a ten on a scale from one to ten), bring up the constitutional energy of the kidneys, the sexual system, and your system in general (especially energy channels), and bring up and optimize the main parts of your energy system (chakras, energy channels etc.).

I realize this sounds like an advertisement for Vortex Healing. In a sense, it is since it’s the most effective way I personally have found for working with the energy system in this way. If there are other ways, and you know about these and like them, then by all means use those 🙂

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Sex! – note: this post is not what most of you are looking for ;)

Sex is one of the most basic desires in our lives, and a source of enjoyment and sometimes frustration.

The basic guideline is simple: Have fun, enjoy it fully, and in a way that is kind to you and others.

And yet, it can be helpful to explore it a little further.

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“Not gay” and flawed thinking

The Republican Senator Larry Craig insisting that he is “not gay” reminds me of some of the flawed thinking about these things that seems to be out there.

The polarization into either gay or heterosexual seems, even on the surface of it, pretty suspicious. Why should it be either/or? In most of these type of cases, it is more often both/and.

This polarization and either/or thinking seems to be a product of taking on an exclusive identity as one or the other. I see myself as either heterosexual or gay, so then filter myself, and my impulses and attractions and even my behavior, through that identity.

If there is an attraction or action that doesn’t quite fit with my conscious identity, I can always dismiss it as something else.

These attractions are not really what they seem to be, or they are, but I can’t be the one experiencing it, so it must be somebody else. My actions are not really an indication of my conscious identity being too narrow. And, to prove it to myself and others, I may reinforce my identity as “not gay” even more.

And finally, these identities in general do not take circumstances into account. They assume that there is something inherent in our personality that is always that way, independent of circumstances, which again is a dubious assumption. In the right situation, I would guess that any one of us can experience and act either way, even if it doesn’t match our conscious identity.

It seems that it makes more practical sense to see all of us as bisexual, and what comes up for us, and is lived in our lives, depends more on circumstances than anything else… such as culture, subculture, who is around, and more.