Maybe the day had a shitty you

I love this meme circulating on social media.

We may think we had a shitty day. Is the reverse also true, or more true? That the day had a shitty me?

Was it more about how I was and related to the day than the day itself?

It’s hate -> It’s love

It’s hate. -> It’s love.

Can I find genuine and specific examples of where hate (what a thought labels hate) is love?

I don’t often experience what could be called hate, but I notice something similar to it when I see (what a thought may label) abuse of power. When the US kills civilians and children in drone attacks, something stirs in me that has the flavor of hate. How is that love? It comes from a desire to protect innocent people from harm, and anyone from brutal assassinations. It comes from well wishing for them, and that’s love. It comes from a desire for us to follow international laws, which is similarly a desire for protection and from love. It comes from fear considering the harm that can come to any one of us, which is similarly about protection and love. To the extent I am caught up in beliefs here, there is a love for the images and thoughts mind holds as true. And it’s all happening within and as awakeness, presence and love.

And in the world, which mirrors what’s here, I can look at the Nazis or Hitler: He had love for his ideas and ideologies. He loved his own people. He wanted the best for his own people. His protection of his own ideologies and people came from devotion and love.

This love is filtered through beliefs, and appears as what a thought may label hate.

Creative turnarounds

I know that kt would probably not like the fact that I mess with the turnarounds, but I found that The Work works better for me when I get a little creative ^^ and so I was working the one-liner a moment ago: I am not good enough. Is it true? Yes. I am not good enough. Can you absolutely know that it’s true? No. How do you react, what happens when you think, I am not good enough? I feel terrified. Who would you be without your story, I am not good enough? Confident. Turn the thought around? And the turnaround that actually came up for me was this: I’m not good enough, turned around? —> I am Source. And then I asked, where are you Source??? And then I came to the realization that of course it’s not true that I am not good enough, who I am is God, Truth, Love, Source, Power… whatever you want to call it, and Source is more than good enough, bigger than we can even humanly imagine… And I feel very happy now and I will get on with my work and go through my day, with the realization that I am so much bigger than my story and my Ego and my identity… I am Source (Love)!!! 😀

This topic sometimes comes up in The Work circles. Here is what came up for me:

?:) I sometimes do a variation on this. I do the usual TAs to self, other, opposite and see what I find, then if I notice a “creative” turnaround, I find the initial statement (in this case, perhaps “I am not source”) and do the 4 Qs and the TAs on that one. That way, I get to follow the guidelines *and* be creative.

As so often, it’s not necessarily either/or, it can also be both/and. I finish my initial inquiry following the simple guidelines, because they are there for a reason. I may find something I hadn’t seen before. And I make a note of the “creative” turnaround (TA) that came to mind, find the original statement, and do inquiry on that one. If I want, I can make it into a mini-inquiry, and focus on the TAs. That way, I get the benefit of following the guidelines, and I get to follow the “creative” impulse of the mind and see what’s there.


In the tradition of looking at turnarounds of teachings, I thought I would look at integration.

The main teacher at Center for Sacred Sciences would sometimes say that Enlightenment has nothing to do with integration.

So in what sense is the reverse true? In what way is integration integral to Enlightenment?

One example is quite obvious. When everything is recognized as Spirit, there is a reorganization of the human self within this new context. A reorganization at physical, energetic, emotional, and mental levels, and how this human self functions in the world. In this sense, there is an integration within Enlightenment. The human self realigns with reality, and this is an ongoing process. It integrates into this new context of Spirit recognizing itself as all there is.

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Jeff Foster: Rest in peace

If your peace can be disturbed, it is not the kind of peace you truly long for. If it can be disturbed, it is just a second-hand image of peace, and not the real thing.

We say, “I was so peaceful, and then a wave of fear (or anger, or pain, or sadness…) came along and destroyed my peace!”

But is that really true? Can you ‘have’ peace and then ‘lose’ it? Can peace really be destroyed?

Really it’s the other way round, isn’t it? Fear didn’t destroy your peace, you destroyed fear’s peace. You denied fear’s right to peace by not allowing that energy to move freely in you.

Even fear just wants to come to rest, to express itself fully and come to rest, but we’re so busy trying to get rid of it, escape it, or numb ourselves to it – basically we’re trying to ‘do’ something with it, and this ‘doing’ is actually the end of our peace, not a path towards it.

Stop destroying fear’s peace and let it rest, poor thing – it is suffering from an ancient tiredness, having been wandering in the wilderness for billions of years. It just wants somewhere to lay its head.

Will you give fear the rest it longs for? Will you give fear a home? Will you let all of these poor orphan waves in life’s vast ocean – fear, sadness, anger, doubt, confusion – rest in peace, the peace that you are?

Being what you are – that’s a peace that cannot be destroyed.

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Fascinated child

I was out walking with an inquiry friend yesterday, and stopped in front of an ice cream cart. A three or four year old girl looked at us, transfixed. She stood there for a few minutes while her parents patiently waited, then came with them as they left, and shortly after returned to look at us again. We waved and said hello, and she still looked at us transfixed. After a few more minutes, her mother showed up, lifted her up, and left.

Afterward, we wondered why this sometimes happens with children. What do they see?

I wonder if she remembered where she is from (before incarnation), and saw that we remember as well. She may have recognized something. And since it’s at a different level than the human and human communication, saying hello and waving is irrelevant.

Of course, I can turn this around to myself and find what’s equally or more true. I recognized in her what’s different from the human. I recognized her as a soul, as the divine appearing as an individual.

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