Daily activity in nature: gardening & regenerating ourselves and our ecosystems

We are made for being active in nature daily. We are literally made for it. Our bodymind is made for it. That’s how our ancestors lived going back to the initial single-celled organisms.

So it only makes sense that daily engagement in growing food in our garden has multiple benefits. It makes us feel more alive. It helps us move. It stimulates our minds. It reminds us that we are nature. It reminds us of the life we are designed to live.

That’s another reason why monocultures, including in our gardens, are less nourishing for us. It’s not very meaningful to have and maintain manicured lawns and hedges. It’s not very stimulating to the senses. It feels meaningless, apart from living up to current social norms and expectations and “what will the neighbors think”.

Having a nature garden and a small food forest is something else entirely. It feels far more like the nature we are designed to live in. It’s far more stimulating to the senses. It is far more meaningful since it produces food, provides food and habitat for a myriad of species, and mostly maintains itself after it’s established.

This is regeneration not only of nature but of ourselves. It’s also a small part in regenerating our society and culture.

The importance of energizing

This is another relatively obvious (?) and revisited topic:

One of the most important things for well-being and healing is to keep our system nourished and energized.

It doesn’t matter so much how we do it, we just need to find ways that work for us.

It could be nourishing food. Herbal medicine. Yoga. Tai chi. Chigong. Inner yoga. Being in nature. Rest. Dance. Exercise.

Personally, I find energizing through Vortex Healing the fastest and most effective, although it doesn’t replace the other approaches.

In what ways does it help to have a more energized system?

In my experience, it helps with… Sleep and rest. Processing anything – information, situations, and issues. Dealing with life situations and whatever comes up internally. Finding healing for emotional issues. Enjoyment and contentment. And much more.