So simple it cannot be expressed in words

When Ground awakens to itself, what is revealed is so simple it cannot be expressed in words.

It is all God. Beyond and embracing all polarities, and inherently free of all of them.

It is what is arising here now… awakeness as seeing and seen, allowing and taking the form of any content, and inherently free from all of it.

The complete freedom of what is

When there is a Ground awakening, there is a complete freedom to allow what is.

Of course, Ground always allows what is. The only difference is that sometimes, it is identified with its content, and tries to resist other content, which creates a sense of struggle. When it awakens to itself, it sees that it always and already allows any and all content. It is effortless. It is what already is.

It is a no-thing allowing any thing. A void allowing any content. Space, not resisting anything happening within it.

Ultimately, it allows it all because “it all” is no other than itself. It is awake emptiness allowing content, because this content is no other than awake emptiness itself.