Absolute & Relative

The absolute and relative are two aspects of Big Mind, or Buddha Mind, Spirit, God, Existence. The absolute refers to that which is not changing, the groundless ground, the spacious, clear and aware quality inherent in mind and existence. The relative refers to that which is changing, all the fluid seamless phenomena. And Big Mind is the seamless whole of the two – the spacious awareness in which all phenomena unfold.

And as one of the sutras say: To encounter the absolute is not yet enlightenment. It is natural to be “stuck” in the absolute for a while, until we are familiar enough with it and also see that it is incomplete. The next phase is to also include the relative, which means to voluntarily become more fully human as well. To embrace not only the phenomena, but all the views part of Big Mind – including that of the small selves. Here, we find a new fluidity and inclusiveness, a new freedom and fullness, where we can allow ourselves to be fully human, and connect with others in a more life-giving way.

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