One of the Blogger databases had trouble yesterday so all posts from that day disappeared. But, I was able to recover most of them in various ways, so will post them all again now.

This is another reminder of impermanence. In the world of phenomena, everything is process. Everything that is enjoyed right now – by me and others – will be gone. This writing, this room, this view, these trees, this music, this body, this air (with its human-friendly mixture of gases), this planet, this sun, this universe – it is all temporary. It will all be gone. Everything any human being has ever experienced, throughout all time, is temporary and will be gone.

So what is a few blog posts in that perspective? Their impermanence is just a reminder. An opportunity to allow the realization of impermanence sink in. An opportunity to align myself a little more with what is – the impermanence, fluidity and freshness of it all.

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