Cell Phone Symphony

The present contains everything needed for awakening – at any level of awakening from a minor insight to realizing selflessness. Of course, this is a “truth” with many modifications. Everything needed may be there, but there may still not be the ripeness for it to happen.

I have enjoyed reading the Improv Everywhere missions, and it strikes me how any situation – and these public improv events in particular – hold up a mirror for ourselves.

Their most recent mission is the Cell Phone Symphony, where they had sixty cell phones go off in various patterns in the check-in area of Strand, a large NY bookstore.

This, as so many of their other events, is an innocent and not easily explainable situation. Faced with this, we may react in a variety of ways.

If we are comfortable with uncertainty and not knowing and find appreciation for most aspects of life, we may respond with receptivity and enjoyment. If we perceive the world as generally friendly and interesting, we may respond with curiosity and wanting to explore it further. And if we perceive the world as alien and generally threathening, then we may react with fear and/or anger.

In each case, the situation holds up a mirror for ourselves – reflecting our habitual patterns, our worldview, and also how we happened to be primed before and in the situation.

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