Dream: beyond my horizon

I am in a small restaurant or cafe relatively high up a building. It is open to the outside. F. is there, a successful artist friend of mine I haven’t seen in a while, but he doesn’t recognize me at first. He then comes over to my table, asks me a question, and recognizes me. I notice some shame for not having used my talents fully, as he has. He then wants to climbto the top of the building, along a live scaffolding going up around the building to the top. I stay, explaining that I have been to the top a few times, so I can do it, but have a fear of heights.

A man approaches me, says he also used to have fear of heights, and then talks about some other things. I am amazed by his insights and flair, and tell him that I usually am only mildly interested in what people have to talk about and teach, but with him, I find a deep fascination. His insights and experience goes far beyond what I have found anywhere, and far beyond my own horizon. I realized that he approached me because he knew we would work together, learning from each other, and that I would be an apprentice to the insights he has.

He then asks me to choose among several different smaller objects carved out of wood. I hesitate. The one I am draw to has “god” in its name, and it seems to presumptious. He chooses it for me. It is golden, shaped as a fat cigar.

(I wake up, and the next is active imagination.)

He sends it up my system, along the chakras, and it sends out sparks and cleans my system from the bottom up.

This dream seems to have to do with ambition, clarity, being active in the world. Choosing what is good for me and lead to success. Being kind to myself, in a deep way. It also reminds me that although I may feel there is some clarity here, there is a whole world beyond my horizon. The cleansing of my energy system mirrors the effect of a tea I have taken in the past, and started taking again later in the day.

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