Not one & not two – no thing & something


The traditional teachings say that reality is not one and not two, and also that there is nothing yet something.

So if I use these as pointers for exploration, what do I find? How does it look in immediate experience, at least here now?

Reality is not one, and not two.

How is it not two? All is awakeness. Whatever happens is awakeness itself, appearing as experienced and experience and anything else.

How is it not one? Through a mental field overlay, we can differentiate in different ways For instance, we can differentiate between awakeness and form, experienced and experience, and so on. Also, this human self appears as a center of perception, thought, action and so on. And there is also a wider world.

How is it both? All is awakeness, and this awakeness appears as many when filtered through a mental field overlay.

How is it neither? All of these are stories. Pointers at most. A medicine designed to meet a specific condition. As stories in general, each of these have value only as a practical guideline in a specific situation.

Reality is no thing and something.

It is no thing. All is awakeness. Awake no-thing. Insubstantial. Appearance only. (Similar to a hologram with form and no substance.)

It is something. It appears as something. It appears as form. When there is identification with a story, there is a sense of I and Other within form, and these forms tend to appear as solid and substantial.

It is both. It is no thing appearing as something. Something that really is no thing. Insubstantial. Awakeness itself. What appears as solid, when stories are taken as true, are as insubstantial as the thoughts themselves.

It is neither. Again, all of these are stories. Pointers. A guide with limited and practical value in specific situations.


Initial outline…

  • not one, not two
    • not one
      • a center of perception here (human self)
      • wider world, out there in relationship to this human self
    • not two
      • all awakeness itself (immediate recognition)
      • w/in form, aspects of one whole (w/in stories)
    • neither
      • both just a story
    • both
      • both have some validity, a pointer
  • nothing, something
    • nothing
      • all emptiness itself, nothing, awake nothing (insubstantial)
    • something
      • appears as form, as something
    • neither
      • both a story, a pointer
    • both
      • awake nothing appearing as something

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