Free up to follow inner guidance

Why do I do inquiry?

One reason is to free myself up so I can follow my inner guidance.

My inner guidance tells me to do something. There is an inner knowing. A quiet voice.

It rubs up against a belief, a story saying I shouldn’t do it because….

I experience fear, ambivalence, inner conflict

I sometimes tell myself I don’t know what to do when I really do know. I pretend I am confused.

Either follow my inner guidance or my belief, or try to do both.

And in either case, experience some degree of inner turmoil.

So when I notice this happen – mostly through a sense of ambivalence, fear or inner turmoil – I can find the underlying belief, the belief I use to stop myself to act from my inner knowing.

What do I tell myself that makes it difficult to follow my inner knowing?

Is it true? What happens when I believe that thought? Who would I be without it? How would it be to act on my inner knowing in this situation, free of fear and inner conflict? What’s the validity in the turnarounds? How would it be to live from the most juicy turnaround?

And something to take with me in daily life:

How would it be to live from my inner guidance in this situation, free of fear and ambivalence?

What’s the first step I can make? How does it feel to make that step?

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