In a bind

Big Mind, why does P. sometimes feel paralyzed?

He believes his thoughts and prevents himself from doing what he is called to do, or would like to do.

He already knows what to do. He knows to wait until there is a clear direction. Or he knows the clear direction.

What advice do you have for him?

Notice when you feel paralyzed. It’s a sign you are caught up in fear and beliefs.

Is it true you don’t know what to do? (Is it true you cannot do it?)

What stories do you tell yourself that prevents you from doing it?

List those stories. See if there are underlying thoughts. See what happens when you take them to inquiry.

Is there anything left? Life will show you.



I find that when I take a story as true, I am in a bind.

(a) Any belief limits my perception and my choices. My perception and choices are bound by the belief.

(b) Beliefs may be at odds with each other, making me feel stuck or confused.

And (c) a belief may be at odds with with what I am guided to see or do, from my heart or inner knowing/guidance.

I see myself as unlovable, so I am unable to see – or at least acknowledge and take in – that people love me, and my own love.

I believe I



– in a bind
— set of beliefs, creates the appearance of an impossible situation, paralyzing
— i need money + i won’t get another job +  i don’t like this one
— i want to say an honest no + she won’t like me if i do + i need her to like me

– a beliefs closes off options for perception and action
– so is a bind already there, and it gets sharper….
— may know/be guided to a certain action, but the beliefs prevents it (prevent myself b/c of the belief)
— or it may clash with “shoulds” from other beliefs



When I believe a thought, I often find myself in a bind.

The belief closes off options for perception and action.

So when I am guided to a certain action, it may be prevented by the belief. And the belief may also clash with a “should” from another belief.

Someone asks me to do something. I want to say an honest no, but I have a belief that she won’t like me if I say no, and I need her to like me. So I am in a bind.


When I feel like I am in a bind, it’s a reminder to see what thoughts I believe.

A friend asks me something. I want to say an honest no, but I feel unable to do so. So I can explore if I say no, it means that…. She won’t like me.





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