The wisdom of fear

There is a wisdom in emotions, in the stories behind them, and in any belief.

Fear comes up, and one of the stories behind it is that I’ll be too late for the plane.

This is worried love. The fear and belief wants the best for me. It’s devoted to me.

And I see the wisdom in it. I don’t want to be late for the plane either. It comes from intelligence and kindness.

At the same time, when it’s held tightly, when the thought – and the wordless images behind it – is taken as solidly true, as absolutely true, it’s painful. It’s chaotic. It’s stressful.

It’s a being in pain, that suffer. It’s not aligned with reality, with all as love. So I can welcome it, thank it, apologize for having pushed it away for so long, apologize for having made it into an enemy, find the wisdom in it, find the love and intelligence behind it. And I can also identify the thoughts and images behind it, and – for the strongest ones, and eventually each one – find what’s more true for me, what’s more aligned with reality.

In this case, I see I want the same for me as the main thought behind the fear. I also don’t want to be late for the plane. It comes from kindness and intelligence.

I also see that I honestly don’t know if I will be late for the plane. The plane may be delayed. I may arrive on time even if it’s not. And I may get another plane that will get me there the same day, or the day after.

Also, there are some underlying images and thoughts here. In this situation, is it a terrible thing if I am too late for the plane? I really don’t know. And I can find genuine examples of how it’s not. (I may experience the kindness of others. I may get to see it works out anyway. I may get to find how resourceful I can be.)

And I can explore this with everyday and “smaller” fears, and also the fears that appear bigger and more basic, such as the fears around relationship, illness and death. Can I find the wisdom behind it? Can I find the kindness and intelligence in it? Can I find that it’s love, worried love? Can I find where I have pushed it away, made it into an enemy? Can I find – for the strongest belief – what’s more true for me, what’s more aligned with reality? Can I find the same for some or all of the underlying images and thoughts?

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