Trying to find the boundary, thinker, observer

I do little “flash” inquiries these days.

For instance, can I find the boundary between me and what I experience?

Where is the apparent boundary between me and this sound?

I see an image of a boundary. Look at that image. Is that image an actual boundary? Can it separate something?

I notice sensations that appear to be a boundary. Feel those sensations. Take your time. Are those sensations a boundary? Can they separate anything?

Look at the word “boundary”. Is it able to separate anything?

Where do I find the apparent thinker?

Look at the word “thinker”. Can the word “thinker” think? Can it produce thoughts?

I see an image of a thinker. Look at that image. Can that image think? Can it produce a thought?

I notice sensations that feels like a thinker. Feel those sensations. Can those sensations think? Can they produce thoughts?

Where do I find the apparent observer?

I see an image of an observer. Can that image observe anything?

I feel sensations that feels like an observer. Can those sensations observe?

Look at the word “observer”. Can those words observe?

And so on. With whatever comes up, take time to look at it (images, words) or feel it (sensations). Be sincere. Really try to find it. Leave no stone unturned.


trying to find the thinker, doer, observer

Can that sensation protect anything?

> Can that image think? Choose? Taste? Do anything?
> Looking for chooser of thoughts, doer, thinker, observer.

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