Own UFO experience: tic tac UFO in 2015? And also a crop circle

I thought I would share my own experience with a couple of UFOs and a crop circle. 

December 12, 2015

My first UFO sighting? (Tic-tac UFOs) 

UFO sighting Dec 2015

An approximation of what we saw. I guess that each one could be covered by the tip of the little finger. They moved fast towards west, and seemed quite high up in the sky.  They had the perfect oval shape shown in the drawing above. 

Driving west on Fred Waring in Palm Desert, I saw two oval-shaped objects in the clear sky. They were headed relatively fast almost directly west in the direction of the coast, seemed to be quite high up in the air, and I couldn’t hear any sound. (I was in a car in traffic.) The two objects were close to each other and kept the same distance and configuration. They were both identical in appearance: Oval, dark in color, somewhat metallic looking. I assume they were round in three dimensions but saw them as oval. They eventually disappeared over the mountains in the west.

I and the driver of the car were equally baffled by them. They didn’t look like anything we had seen before, and we couldn’t think of anything known they could be. They went much too fast for being balloons. They were definitely not birds. It was daylight so they were obviously not planets or meteors. They were not civilian drones since they went fast and continued over the mountains. They did not have the shape of any airplane I have seen. They were not helicopters since they were large enough for us to have seen the shape and protrusions typical of helicopters.

It is theoretically possible that they were military drones with flawless surfaces, flying in perfect formation, and with no visible or audible form of propulsion. Although I don’t know if military drones come in such a perfect oval shape and with a perfectly smooth surface. 

I filed a report with the UFO Reporting Center a couple of days later. 

An additional note: I know it’s common for people who see UFOs to not take a picture of it, even if they have the opportunity. I knew that long before this experience and had told myself to take a picture if I would ever see something unusual. In this situation, I had my phone (w. a good camera for a smartphone) in my lap, I thought I should take a picture of it, and I didn’t…! At the time, I had the thought “they are featureless ovals, so why take a picture”, which in hindsight doesn’t make much sense. I could very easily have taken a photo, but I didn’t.

Update 2017/18

In 2017, the existence of Pentagon’s formerly secret UFO investigation program was made public. They also made a few short video segments public, including from the USS Nimitz UFO incident. Some call it a tic-tac UFO, and the reason I am mentioning it here is that what I saw fits the pilots’ description of this object. 

Both Fravor and Slaight later described the object as a large bright white Tic Tac 30 to 46 feet (10 to 14 meters) long, with no windshield nor porthole, no wing nor empennage, and no visible engine nor exhaust plume

Wikipedia article on USS Nimitz UFO Incident

The shape and smooth surface is exactly what I saw. The size fits what I would guess, although it’s famously difficult to estimate the size of objects in the sky. They describe it as bright white, and I saw it more as grey, although it’s possible that seeing it from above – as they did – it would have appeared white, and for me – seeing it from below on a bright sunny morning – it appeared more grey. 

It could have been the same type of object. Or it may just be very similar. 

I want to mention again that the most inexplicable part of my experience was not what I saw, but that I didn’t take a photo. Whenever I remember back to this experience, I cannot believe I didn’t take one. I had my phone in my hand. I had time. I even thought “I should take a photo”. But I didn’t. It seems completely bizarre. In the past, when I heard people reporting seeing UFOs and not taking photos, I secretly judged them but now I have to count myself among them. 

Update June 14, 2019

I just listened to a podcast about the tic-tac UFOs, and they mentioned that Santa Catalina Island outside of California was (is?) a hotspot for these UFOs. I thought that for fun, I’d look at the map and see if the UFOs I saw were headed in that direction. And yes, they were! It’s perhaps one of those perfect coincidences, or what I saw was one of the tic-tac objects reported by the US military. (The podcast was UNKNOWN: Raining UFOs, and the episode addressed episode two of History Channel’s Unidentified series.)

I saw the oval UFOs in Palm Desert, heading towards the coast.

July 2015

A Crop Circle Synchronicity

I’ll add a crop circle synchronicity from the summer of 2014. I lived for a while with a friend in Devon, and read and listened to some interviews about crop circles. (I have an open mind about them since it does seem – if some of the witness reports are accurate – that some of them are not made by humans, at least not with board and rope.)

One of the things I kept hearing is that the crop circle phenomenon seems responsive to our wishes and intentions. For instance, some who intentionally wish to see a crop circle in their neighborhood actually do within a short time.

So I did a little experiment. I wished for a crop circle in the area where I was staying, in a location where I or someone I knew would easily see it just by going about our daily business. (I knew this was far fetched since this area of Devon don’t get many crop circles. I hadn’t heard about a single one there.)

I left to go back to Norway one or two weeks later, and after a couple of days heard from the friend I had stayed with. She said that a crop circle had appeared in a field next to her parent’s house.

It’s one of the many (?) crop circle synchronicities that people seem to experience. Why or how it happened, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter so much for me, either. I see synchronicities mostly as a reminder that the world is one. Whatever is happening happens within one system, whether we call it life, Universe, outer world, inner world, matter, or mind. It’s all facets of one seamless whole.

I am of course curious about what’s going on. Are they all human made? (It is possible. Many of them are probably human-made, including the slightly absurd ones that explicitly seem to suggest they are made by aliens.) Are they all made by board and rope? (Seems unlikely.) Are they made by humans in another way, for instance with a certain form of technology? (Military testing of new technology, as some suggest. Although if that’s the case, why do it in such a public way?) Are they made by some form of natural phenomena? (Also seems unlikely, at least for the more geometric and intricate ones.) Even some alien intelligence? (Seems odd. Again, why? It doesn’t seem a very effective way of communicating if that’s the intention.) Or is there a mix of two or more of these possibilities? Or something different?

The easiest answer would be that they are all made by pranksters or artists.  Although for that to the true, you would have to dismiss a lot of witness testimonials and also reports from a few scientists. (It is possible that the witness reports that suggest they cannot be human made, partly because they were made within minutes or seconds, are all false. And it’s also possible that the scientists studying crop circles, and who have made odd findings, either find what they want to find, or misinterpret the data or intentionally mislead people.)

Still, after looking into this a bit, it does seem that keeping an open and curious mind about this makes the most sense. An open, curious, and sober way of looking at it.

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