Let it run its course

When I rest with an energy or body contraction, I sometimes remind myself let it run its course.

Here are some things I notice subtly happening.

It invites patience.

It’s a reminder that it’s temporary. It will pass as any experience does.

It’s a reminder that it may just need to run its course. If it has been shunned in the past, what it needs is partly to be rested with in presence and with patience.

Sometimes, a gentle pointer like this invites a small shift, and that’s all that’s needed to support me in resting more wholeheartedly with the energy or body contraction.


Initial notes….

  • when rest with an energy (sensations)
    • let it run its course
    • (a reminder, can be quite helpful)
      • that it’s temporary, will pass (as any content of experience)
      • that it may just need to run its course, while rested with (present with it)
      • invites patience



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