Paradoxes: Awakening-shifts and how initial paradoxes may appear different when we are more familiar with the terrain

I have written about this elsewhere but thought I would revisit it briefly.

In an awakening shift – and after we notice our nature or our nature notices itself as all there is – many things may initially appear as paradoxes.

They appear as paradoxes because we are not familiar with the terrain and because our thinking patterns still largely operate from separation consciousness.

As we get more familiar with the terrain, and our thoughts have time to adjust, what initially appeared as paradoxes now appear more inevitable.

At least, that’s how it was for me and I assume that’s not an unusual process.

I’ll go through a few examples here.


I am both a human self and Spirit.

In the world, in a conventional sense, and to most others, I appear as a human self.

And to myself, in my first-person experience when I set aside what I am told we are, we are Spirit. My nature is capacity for the world as it appears to me. I am what the world, to me, happens within and as. I am what a thought may imperfectly call consciousness.

They are two different things, and both are valid in their own way.


I am nothing and something and everything.

My nature is capacity for the world as it appears to me. In this sense, my nature is and I am nothing.

This capacity takes the form of all content of experience.

It takes the form of this human self, which I am in the world and in a conventional sense.

And it takes the form of any and all experience. It takes the world of the world as it appears to me here and now.

Again, these are different things and each one is valid in its own way.


I already am capacity and what the world to me happens within and as. It’s inevitable and inescapable. None of us, to ourselves, is ever anything else.

At the same time, this requires noticing. Arriving at that noticing can require some effort, discipline, guidance, and skill. And to consciously notice and live from it, and allow this noticing to work on us and our life in the world, we need to keep noticing it.

What we are is always here. And for it to be consciously noticed and lived from, we need to notice it. Again, it’s two different things and both are valid.


For me, these and other polarities are not inherently paradoxes.

They are separate and distinct from each other, and they both are valid in their own way.

They only appear as paradoxes if we are relatively unfamiliar with the terrain, and if our thought patterns still mostly operate from separation consciousness.

Spirit – aka reality and what we are – includes and is more than any and all polarities. And it’s up to us to differentiate within and navigate it all.


  • Paradoxes?
    • human and spirit 
      • Conventional sense and to others vs first person 
    • Noting and something / everything 
      • Capacity and what capacity forms itself into
    • Already are and notice 
      • Already are what we are and seek 
      • And also need to notice and keep noticing 
    • May appear like paradoxes when we first notice and when our thinking patterns are still operating from separation consciousness, but when become more familiar with it, seems more inevitable than a paradox 

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