Evolution and Embodiment


For many centuries, going back to Gautama Buddha and possibly before, individuals have been able to come to a fully transdual awareness.

It is a process of awareness becoming aware of itself, first in a half awake way and then more awake. It continually burns through levels of what seems as “me” until there is only a luminous spacious non-local awareness left within which all phenomena unfolds (close to or identical with the Eye of God).

Those who unfolded transdual awareness in this way made it possible for others to follow in many ways, through maps, individual guidance, and possibly other less obvious ways.


An encounter with – and resting in – the absolute, can be seen as an end in itself. But this is only a partial realization. It leaves out the relative. This does have an end.

If it is truly transdual, it embraces both the absolute and the relative, and deepens our experience and exploration of both. This is a continuous and neverending process.


Today, it seems more important than ever to use an integral approach.

To deepen our experience with the absolute and the relative. To deepen a transdual experience as well as exploring how to embody it in the world – how to live it more fully through this organism and in this social and ecological system.

This universe is always changing and evolving, including our social and ecological systems and the human organism. There is always more to explore, more ways to deepen the embodiment. It is a continous process of discovery.

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