Over the last few days, I have noticed a specific change. It may be triggered by Byron Katie’s inquiry process, the weeklong Breema Intensive in Oakland I just returned from, and/or the Deeksha I went to in Emeryville on Sunday.

A situation (usually someone’s behavior) will trigger a habitual pattern in me (a contraction) – and I engage in it for a little while. Then – after some seconds – there is a shift and I cannot engage in it any longer. I see through it too clearly, and the contraction opens into laughter.

Trigger > contraction > – poof – > release

The landscape of the nature of mind (spacious awareness) and the landscape of confusion (believing in thoughts) are too clearly presented to me, and the choice between them is easy.

When there is the shift into the nature of mind, there is also spontaneous joy, appreciation and no separation. And specifically, there is deep appreciation for and sense of connection and intimacy with the person who triggered the initial pattern.

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