Fully Baked

As mentioned in a previous post, it takes a while to integrate and mature into any awakening – at any level.

Some pitfalls and other issues that comes to mind…


  • Not working closely with an experienced teacher/guide following the awakening, to help integrate it into ones life, and wear off all the extra.
  • Seeing it as “it”, as the “end point” rather than just another phase in a process of further clarification, awakenings and integrations.
  • Not aware of the process of integration. Believing that the awakening itself is “it” and sufficient.
  • Not aware of the possibilities of further awakenings. For instance, we may awaken to the nature of mind (space & awareness) and see this as “it”, although it is only the first of these phases of awakenings. We can still awaken into Big Mind, into realizing the universe as consciousness and I am that consciousness, and probably beyond.
  • Being attached to ideas about ones awakening and current functioning, rather than just relaxing into what is with sincerity. This relaxing into what is, allows the process of integration and further awakenings to unfold in a more grounded, integrated and healthy way.
  • Ignoring the need for further healing and maturing of the small self. Believing that everything is perfect, that any view and behavior is a perfect expression of realization, while it very well may be an expression of hangups – of areas not brought into awareness, still far away from being healed.
  • Ignoring the lines of development. Ignoring their existence, the differences in development and maturation levels among them, and that each is in a continuous process of development and maturing.
  • Not seeing the universality of it (believing nobody else has “got it” in the same way before).The awakenings seem to always have an aspect of universality, as well as a somewhat individual flavor.
  • Flaunting it. For instance through teaching or going public too soon, rather than allowing it to mellow, mature and become more integrated. Skipping the rehumanization process.
  • Stuck in the Absolute (space & awareness) or the Big Mind view. Not allowing this attachment too to fall away, through a process of relaxing into it and rehumanize.
  • Believing all problems will be solved. In a way, it is true that the experience of “problems” may go away, but there are still things to be dealt with – within the small self, in the relationship with the small self to the wider world of phenomena, and in the world of phenomena itself. There is integration, healing and maturing needed on the small self level. There is intimate and other relationships, and activity in society that needs focus. There are social and ecological issues that require urgent attention. These won’t go away, but we will find another ways of relating to them.

All of these and more, are reasons why working closely with a teacher following the awakening is emphasized so strongly in many traditions. They have seen the pitfalls too many times. Yet, even these pitfalls are fuel for further awakenings and integrations.

They too are perfect as they are, while allowing room for improvement.

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