There is a tendency to perceive those with insights into the nature of mind & Existence as somehow “special”.

But to me, this is seeing it upside down.

It is just that they happen to be in and describe a landscape that is somewhat different from what many others are familiar with. That is all.

And this landscape is available to all of us. It is nothing special either. In fact, it is what we already are.

Disclaimer: This is obviously a simplification. There are many ways of experiencing this landscape, and many locations and areas of the landscape we can become familiar with. And – as Ken Wilber and other reminds us – the Relative existence is always unfolding. Always evolving, in always new ways. So the landscape is never quite what it used to be.

What I had in mind when writing this entry is particular to awakening to the nature of mind and then to Big Mind, and the realizations that comes with that. Insights into the nature of mind, into Big Mind, and into the relationships between these and the small self.

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