Awakening & Projection

Projection simply means to see in others what we see in ourselves.

The most common form of projection is simply recognition, seeing a characteristic in me and you. This allows us to open up for genuine empathy and for seeing our shared humanity. We are all in the same boat.

(Although not relevant here, there are also – at least – two other forms of projection. See next post.)

Projections of Awakening

So when we awaken as the Absolute or Big Mind, it is natural to project this on “others” as well.

We see how simple it is, that it is just an awakening to what we already are – whether we see it or not, and that anybody is just a hairswidth away from awakening to what they already are. We simply recognize in others what we see in ourselves. This may be a motivation to help others awaken, as can also serve as a guide in the process.

On The Brink of Collective Awakening

There is also another form of projection, which may be less helpful and slightly more confused: Assuming that many others are on the verge of awakening.

We see this assumption all around these days, mainly in New Age circles.

There may be many reasons for this. I see that everybody already are what they are seeking, and it seems so simple to just awaken to it. I naturally find others who have awakened, so it seems that they suddenly come out of the woodwork. There is a desire for company, for a larger community of folks living from awakening. There may be a recognition that larger scale awakening would be very helpful in our time, to deal with all the problems facing us collectively. And we may see that the evolutionary trend is towards greater levels of awakening, so this may well be the next phase in the evolution of the Earth and humanity.

I find this in myself as well, but I also see that it is only an abstraction.

No matter how convincing it may seem, no matter what vivid and mindblowing visions this may come from, no matter how wise and enlightened teachers and gurus speaking about this may be, it is only abstractions. It comes from an attachment to a thought.

I see that for me, the only sincere answer is: I don’t know. And in a way, this is also the most beautiful answer, not only in being the most sincere, but also in the receptivity and curiosity reflected in it.

In the unknowing, I do what needs to be done in the present – independent of abstractions about the future. There are no hopes or fears to paralyze current action.

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