Awakening as the Absolute and then Big Mind brings with it many reversals.

From object in the world to space for the world

From exclusively being my human self, looking out at the world and finding myself as an object in the world, I now find myself as that in which the world arises to my human self, in the present. My human self is just part of the rich tapestry arising in the present.

From thoughts as truth to thoughts as tools

From believing in thoughts and taking them as gospel truth, I now see them merely as useful, practical tools – for exploration, clarification and communication.

From habitual responses to more of an overview

From blindly struggling with the habitual patterns of my human self, I can now allow them to unfold within me – within space – and don’t need to automatically fuel or push them away. The habitual patterns of my human self just becomes a part of the overall tapestry. I can choose how to respond to situations in a way that seems more fitting, more appropriate – taking the whole tapestry into account.

Center of gravity from internal to external of my human self

First, what appears as internal to my human self (emotions/thoughts) takes up a lot of space at the expense of the world external to the small self. Now, the center of gravity is now more often in the “external” – in the world of phenomena out there, arising in the present. Of course, there is a fluidity here depending on where the attention is needed in the present.

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