Projections Noticed **

To follow up on the previous post…

Whenever I notice a thought (or sense) of anything in the past, future or “out there”, I know a projection is involved. Whenever something appears “out there” somewhere, it is a clear sign and reminder to look at the projection.

So I can simply see that the quality appearing “out there” is already and immediately right here. In the middle of the projection, in the middle of the story about it, in the middle of the sense of it being “out there”, it is already right here. It is already alive right here, in my immediate experience.

Finding this allow the projection to fall away. It is seen through. What appeared out there is noticed and found right here.

No fancy technique is needed. It is immediate, fresh.

And it may also come up since I have worked with projections for a while, including through inquiry. Who knows. That too is a story placing the process of unraveling in the past, while it is really unfolding right now.

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