Images of self

Some thought-images of self I notice through choiceless awareness…

  • Images of a particular identity at human level, used to differentiate this human self from other ones (coming up in contrast to what I see in others)
  • Body image(s), placed on top of sensations, and used to interpret sensations and guide attention
  • An image of a separate self, which…
    • Is located in the same general area of space as this body
    • Creates a sense of center here and periphery out there
    • Creates a sense of a hearer, seer, senser, doer
    • Is split into a separate self as an seen and seer, object and subject, which are located in slightly separate areas of space (for me, as seen a little ahead of the body, and as seer in or a little behind the head)
    • Is anchored in certain sensations in the body, generally in the head area
      • The exact sensations may change, especially if attention is brought to the one currently used as an anchor (another sensation may then become an anchor)
      • If an appropriate sensation is not available, or needs to be intensified, muscles tense up to create a clearer or stronger sensation
      • These sensations are “projected” to the appropriate area of space. For instance, an image of self as seer, hearer, doer may be located in the center of the head, but in the absence of sensations there, the closest sensations – for instance in the neck and throat, are used as anchor and now appear to be located in an area of space corresponding to the center of the head. Another thought is placed on it saying it is in the center of the head.

One thought to “Images of self”

  1. Dear Writer of this Website,

    Thanks for your brilliant and helpful website.

    These are the questions I ask all the time. It was helpful to read them through your viewpoint.

    Especially helpful is asking questions regarding core beliefs behind each question, asking about the feeling of uneasiness in thinking about certain questions, etc.

    Even more helpful is your unique and profound position of considering the questions and the feelings regarding the questions as more important than the “answers”.

    I particularly enjoyed the discussion about feelings about the concept of precision and so on. I work as a comedy writer, and have always for some reason identified with imprecision with truth and freedom, and precision with illusion and, well, control.

    Thanks again and please continue with your writing which is much appreciated.

    Martin Olson

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