Psychology, spirituality, and the final story


In terms of exploring ourselves as Big Mind, there is a nice alignment of psychology and spirituality.

We find ourselves as awareness, and any content of awareness as awareness itself. (Content of awareness includes this human self and anything associated with it.)

Even in conventional psychology, that is how it is already seen. We find ourselves as awareness, and whatever is the content of awareness (perceptions, thoughts) is also awareness. It can be no other way. That is how it is, in our own immediate experience. We can explore how sensory inputs are processed and channeled to the brain, and then arises in awareness, but that does not touch how it is in our own immediate experience: it all as awareness and awareness taking always fluid forms as its own content.

So even if we have strong beliefs in the views of conventional psychology, and a separate I as this human self, we can still find and explore ourselves as Big Mind. We can allow ourselves to explore what is alive in immediate awareness, and be naive as a very young child. What remains, is an idea of this human self experiencing itself as awareness, and the whole world as awareness and the content of awareness.

From here, there is a small step into noticing that this too is a story. This whole sense of a separate self too is content of awareness, and comes only from a story. When this is seen, there is an inevitable slipping more fully into ourselves as Big Mind, as this awakeness inherently absent of I and Other, arising as whatever is arising to this human self.

Initial draft:

If we take ourselves to be a separate self, then even here the same thing goes: in my own immediate experience, there is only awareness, and even the content of awareness (thoughts, sensations, sights, etc.) is awareness itself. There is nothing other than awareness, a field of what sees and what is seen made up of only awareness. And I can discover this by noticing what is alive in immediate awareness, by noticing what is more true for me than the stories I attach to.

So even in the context of conventional psychology, we can find (a form of ) Big Mind. There is, in many ways, not much controversial so far.

The only thing is that the final story, that of a separate self, is also consumed in this exploration. That too, is a story, created by awareness. It is only something found on the inside of a story, which arises here and now, as insubstantial and ephemeral as anything else. So even that one has to go. If the exploration is sincere, even that story is released from being taken as absolutely true.

And now, there is only the Divine Mind, only Big Mind, only God and all as God. The universe as consciousness, inherently absent of an I with an Other.

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