Doing it for myself

One of the guidelines in Breema is to do it for yourself. And as with so much else, it can be understood in many different ways.

Most immediately, it means doing it for myself when I give someone a Breema session. I make sure I move towards being more comfortable, and finding nourishment for myself in whatever I do.

Then, I can explore how I can find nourishment for myself in whatever I am doing in daily life. How can I do this so I am a little more comfortable? With mutual support? With no extra?

I can also explore how all I do already is for myself. I may tell myself I am doing something for others, but if I look, I see that it is already and always for myself.  I pay taxes, and really do it to avoid getting in trouble, and also because it benefits this society that I am part of, which in turn benefits me. If I do something to benefit what is inside my circle of “us”, I do it for myself. Even if I see it as helping others in different ways, it makes me feel good, so that too is for myself.

Seeing my motivations more clearly in this way has several outcomes. If I see that I really want to do something, my ambivalence may fall away. If I see that the motivation is not quite doing it, I can stop what I am doing or change it to make it more meaningful for me.

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