When practices don’t work

Some of the many reasons why practices sometimes won’t work…

It can have to do with the tool, attitude or timing. The tool may not match the task. The attitude may be one of proving a story or reinforcing an identity, when a willingness to let go of both are needed. The timing may be off. Maybe it needs to simmer a little longer.

The tool may have worked in the past, but don’t anymore, and this invites me to be less caught up in what happens within form. I may be ready to release some beliefs and identifications, and tools that stop working are a great help for me to notice these beliefs, and find what is more true for me.

The tool may work. It may initiate changes within the world of form. But I realize that what I really want is not to be found within the world of form, it has nothing to do with the content of experience. What I really want is to find myself as that which all experience happens within and as.

There is no task for the tool. The tool may be aimed at a particular shift or change, but that shift or change has already happened. Or I may find myself as that which form happens within, so I see that the use of the tool has no effect on what I am. (But even here, I may still use tools. I may want to explore what effects it has. I may want to help this human self heal, mature and develop further so it can function better in the world, and help others in a more skillful way.)
Initial outline…

  • inappropriate tool, attitude, timing
    • tool
    • attitude, prove a story etc.
    • wrong timing
  • a nudge to release beliefs, identifications
    • ready to release these, and tools not working is an invitation to see + release beliefs
  • want something else
    • try to change content, but want what I am (comes after a while, seeing that changing the content doesn’t quite do it)
  • no disease for the medicine
    • nowhere for the practice to “stick”, see clearly the lack of reality in the disease and medicine
    • can still practice here as an experiment + for the changes it provides at the human level (human as tool for BM/BH)

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