Islands of density II

I wanted to explore these islands of density a little further.

What are they made up of? I find sensations and an overlay of images. And these images include images of a location in space, an outline of the islands – roughly defining their shape and size, and labels and interpretations of these islands. And also images of a me with certain identities and viewpoints, relating to these images in certain ways depending on how they fit with these identities and viewpoints. Images of a doer acting in certain ways. And an image of an observer observer all of this.

What are they created from? I find that they are created as soon as a story is taken as true, and its corresponding emotional attachments. There is identification with images of an observer and doer, a me with certain viewpoints and identities, and with a sense of having to enhance and protect these viewpoints and identities, especially when (images of) reality clashes with them, or is about to clash.

What happens when I take these islands of density to really be real and dense? The usual: Tension. Stress. Sense of separation. Sense of an I with an other. Sense of having to defend identities. Rigidity. Closed heart. Reactivity.

What happens when I notice they are not really dense? Receptivity. Kindness. Sense of trust in existence, as it is. Sense of connection. Maybe even a softening or release of identification with the images of a me, doer and observer.



  • islands of density, explore a little further
    • what made up of?
      • sensations + overlay of images
      • images include (a) location in space, (b) outline, (c) label/interpretation, (d) maybe – taking these as true
      • (sometimes also other sense fields, fleshing it out)
    • what created from?
      • taking a story as true + corresponding emotional attachment
      • identification as a separate I + a me with particular identities + a sense of having to protect viewpoints and identities

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