Obvious bias

There is an obvious bias in this blog.

It is mainly individual and view/cognition oriented, leaving out or de-emphasizing larger wholes and energy, heart, relationships, policies, culture and so on.

There is of course no reason that an individual and view orientation should be taken as more primary than any other approach. We can understand or tweak the system from anywhere.

It is interesting to notice that I started our much more whole-systems oriented. And then over time got into this individual + view orientation, mainly through traditions that emphasize that approach, such as (current western interpretations) of Buddhism.

For instance, what about group practices? What about shaktipat (energy transfer inviting healing or awakening) happening in groups? Why not look at culture change that invites maturation and awakening? Why not look at how to nudge culture change that encourages a deep sense of connection with the larger social and ecological whole? (As was my main focus and paid work for several years.) Those approaches and many more are equally valid as the ones I focus on here, and may be equally or more helpful in many situations.



  • obvious bias
    • this blog
      • individual + view
      • leave out/de-emphasize larger wholes + energy/heart/relationships/policies/culture etc.
    • no reason why that should be taken as more primary than other approaches, can tweak the system from anywhere
      • cultural influence
        • started out much more whole-systems oriented
        • then, got into individual+view oriented traditions – buddhism etc.

I am also struck by how Buddhism is often interpreted and presented as if individuals and view/cognition is primary, when Buddhism explicitly falsify that approach. It is most likely because our western culture tends to have that bias, and Buddhism gets incorporated into the existing worldview.

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