The topic of trinity came up again yesterday, in a conversation.

How do I find the trinity in my own experience?

For now, it seems quite simple….

God is Buddha Mind, or awareness, this awake no-thing appearing as whatever is happening – thoughts, sensations, sights, sounds, smell, taste, or more elaborate, as emotions, pain, bliss, confusion, clarity, discomfort, tension, suffering, images of past, future and present, images of others, the house, the city, nature, the earth, civilization, solar system, the evolution of the universe, and so on.

The Holy Spirit is the soul level, or subtle energies. When I do Christian practices such as heart prayer or Christ meditation (visualizing Christ in the six directions and the heart), there is a very tangible and clear experience of presence, a presence that is alive, intelligent, infinite wise and compassionate, there is a sense of fire in my heart and at the top of my head, and a brightening of my aura/energy system, including a bright flame shape on top of my head (visible in the mirror!).

And the Son is all of us, in my case this particular human self living in the world. Sometimes, I live from the presence of the Holy Spirit, other times less so. Sometimes, this human self lives within the recognition of God of itself, sometimes less so. And it is all part of the play. It is all part of how the Holy Trinity is expressed through human lives.

This is of course just one way of looking at. There are many others, and which one seems most useful to us will change over time and situations.

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