Dream: Adopting

A woman and I adopt a somewhat troubled teenage girl. It feels right at a deep level, and we have a good connection. She runs away. We let her know we are available and there for her should she want to come back. She returns as soon as she realizes and trusts that she has a choice, and we respect her choice.

I decide to adopt her since she has no-one else, and we have a good connection. She agrees, and yet she feels trapped and afraid that she doesn’t have a choice, so she runs away. She needs to do so to trust that she has freedom, and trust that we respect her choices.

Day residue: I talked with a friend of mine who is “adopting” her niece for a year. Also, the theme of being available for others should they want help has come up. Being available, and yet respect the choices of the other person, and understand that they have to go through their own process.

Active imagination: I run through the dream again, trying different options, and see that she needs to run away, realize she has freedom, and then return. It helps us deepen our connection and trust.

Some terminology:

Day residue = where it connects with something from my daily life.

Active imagination = going back into the dream, replay it, do things a little differently and talk with the characters and see what happens.

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