Dreams: Prayer and innocently accused

I am in a small Catholic gathering or class. Somehow, my prayers are able to make relics or statuettes come alive. The priest recognizes it as a gift.

I am in a three-day arts workshop, and am accused of stealing or doing something. I am defiant and eventually caught.

The priest in the first dream reminds me of Zlatko S. It is all happening in a beautiful, powerful and sober way. The gift is recognized as given from God and for humanity, and is not about any one person. Somehow, through prayer, metals in Catholic statuettes melt together in their heart areas and they come alive in a very special and spiritual way, benefiting many people.

I am late for the second day of the arts workshop, and the ones hosting it assume I was responsible for something that happened the night before and try to avoid returning. They are a quite ruthless gang, happy to take the law into their own hands. They find me on the morning of the third day. I am defiant the whole way, taunting them.

As I wake up, I find that in me which accuses others of having done something they haven’t. I find the impulse to do so, and I find specific instances of having done so. And I shift into intentionally forgive myself for it.

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