Some of the things I am currently doing:

I go for walks, often under the open night sky, and I have been skiing a few times over the last few weeks. I also use public transportation so get some walking in that way, and often chose to walk instead of talking public transportation, at least if I have time and it is about an hours walk or less.

I do self-Breema daily, and TRE exercises two or three times a week. I did sun salutations this morning. And some simple strength training a few times a week.

I eat mostly simple traditional foods such as nuts (soaked), fruit, and cooked vegetables and a bit of fish or meat. I eat sushi flakes as snacks. Most of the time, I avoid dairy, sugar and wheat since I have food intolerances. And I drink lots of spice and herbal teas, miso, and some cocoa when I need an energy boost. I also take quite a few herbs daily, mostly do build up the immune system and stamina.

The simplest and most easily accessible “practice” these days is to shift into being whatever is here – the field of experience, or really just noticing that’s what I already am. It seems that when “all else fails” this is what’s left, and it is easily accessible. When the other doors closes, this one has been wide open over the last few weeks.

I sometimes connect with my heart and breath and then allow experiences and emotions flow through, especially if there is a tendency to resist whatever comes up.

I write down beliefs and take them to inquiry, mostly using the framework from The Work.

I have explored ho’oponopono over the last few days.

I listen to some of the Radio Adya episodes.

And I, of course, also engage in the practice of resisting experience, believing thoughts, put off practices, and so on. It shifts between resisting and allowing, getting caught up in stories and inquiring into them, staying with feeling “off” and going for walks and doing self-Breemas, and so on. That’s part of the process. It’s a rich territory.

It doesn’t sound all that exiting, and that’s fine. It’s simple, and that’s where I am drawn now.


  • currently
    • walks, self-breema, tre, some occasional yoga
    • diet – eating simple traditional foods, drinking lots of herbal tea
    • shifting into being the field of experience, notice i already am
    • allowing experience, inquiry
    • the work, ho’oponopono
    • listening to radio adya

3 thoughts to “Currently”

  1. I found your blog when I Googled TRE. I cannot find a video showing the exercise, and I do not want to order without knowing if I can do it after my back surgery. Would you recommend the exercises? One Amazon reviewer said she couldn’t get them to work. I’ve had a lot of trauma in my life, and I’m working on Open-Focus right now, and thought TRE could be useful.
    Thank so much for sharing!

  2. Hi Angelnina.

    Yes, I can recommend the exercises. You may find that it works just based on the book and/or video, although it’s probably easier if you have someone facilitating the first time – either in a workshop or inividually. Some may even do it over Skype. Wish you all the best on your journey 🙂

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