Bubbles of loneliness keeps coming up – often for a few hours at a time. These are old wounds from childhood which were not resolved then, so surface to be seen, felt and loved now.

How is it to open my heart to this loneliness? To the fear behind it? How is it to bring attention to the sensations of the breath for a minute or two, and then bring attention to the heart area and allow loneliness and whatever fleeting experience is here just as it is?

What do I wish for from others, as a kid back then and also now? I wish for love, support, acceptance, intimacy, aliveness, nurturing connections.

Can I find that in myself? Is it true it’s not already here? How is it to notice it here, and give it to myself? How is it to soak in it?

There is a story that what I seek is out there in others, and that I need it from others. Is it true it’s not already here? If it appears small, is it true it’s not OK that it’s small?

When these bubbles surface, it’s a good opportunity to notice that I can feel lonely or not lonely at all, shift between the two, and my external situation is the same. Those feelings do not come from the external situation.


  • loneliness
    • old wounds, not resolved then, so surfacing to be seen, felt, loved now
    • find in myself what i wish for from others – love, support, acceptance, intimacy, aliveness, nurturing connection, a good friendship
    • ….

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