What’s hearing?

Here is a classic Zen question/koan:

What’s hearing the sounds?

Or… What’s standing? What’s walking?

As with any question, the asking and exploration is what’s important, and whatever is “found” is not really it. There is always further to go.

There is always something to discover I didn’t know was there. It can always be clearer. There is always more to explore in how to live from it in daily life.

I may find that the sound hears itself. That it’s heard and perceived by the whole filed of awareness/experinece. That it’s heard by emptiness. I may notice how there is an image of an I located in this body, that there is a story/image of this I hearing the sound, and these are just images.

That’s fine. Whatever comes up is not so important, and the question is still alive. What’s hearing the sound?

How is it to use that as a simple, gentle question?



Some of what I have “found” so far:

The sound is “heard” – perceived – right where it arises in the field of awareness/experience.

The sound is heard/perceived by the whole field of awareness.

There is that familiar image of an “I” here , located in this body, and a story/image refering the sound back to this “I” creating the appearance of this “I” hearing the sound.

This “I” is more of a ghost image when it´s noticed that the sound is perceived where it arises, and that it´s perceived by the whole field, by awareness itself. The center of gravity shifts into the field as a whole and out of the image of an I.

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