Inquiry: Suffering has value

Suffering has value.

I’ll keep a particular situation in mind, regrets around a particular situation in the past.

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Sure it’s true?


What happens when you believe that thought?

I intentionally make myself suffer for it.

I run the stories over in my mind.

I keep myself awake.

I go into distress.

I make myself a victim.

I dwell on the stories, replay them.

My chest/stomach is tense, my breath more shallow.

My calf muscles tighten. My shoulders and neck tighten.

I feel I do myself a service by going into stress and turmoil around it, and replay a certain version of the stories.

I chose a version of the stories that creates the most distress, that makes me most into a victim.

I pound myself into the ground.

I tell myself making myself suffer around it has value.

It helps me learn, mature, humanize.

I hold onto that thought as a comfort, in the midst of misery.

Who would you be without that thought?

I take a more sober view.

I look at suffering. What does it get me?

Suffering. Misery. Turmoil.

It takes a lot of attention and energy to keep it going and deal with.

It takes attention and energy away from taking care of myself.

I look at what would be more helpful for me.

A clear, sober approach. Clean it up.

Taking care of myself. Acting from care and wisdom.

Mature from within clarity, kindness.


Suffering does not have value.

1. It’s only suffering.

2. It takes attention and energy, and takes attention and energy away from taking care of myself.

3. It creates confusion and turmoil, and comes from a mistaken view.

Clarity has value.

1. It supports me in acting from kindness and wisdom.

2. It supports my growth, healing and maturing.

3. It’s more aligned with, and receptive to, reality.

4. Specifically, in this situation, clarity helps me see what’s more honestly true for me in the situation.

It allows attention and energy to be used to take care of myself.

It opens for kindness and wisdom.

– o –

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