Resistance is doing its job

I went to a concert with Jean Michel Jarre yesterday and had a seat just in front of a booth with noisy drunk people. Some irritation came up along with the thoughts…. they are obnoxious, they are disrespectful, they ruin my experience. 

A bit later, there was a shift and I saw that they were only doing their job. In that situation, their job was to be loud and drunk – and, in my mind, obnoxious. They were doing their job very well, and it was perfectly OK.

On my way home, another shift happened and it was clear that beliefs and resistance are doing their job too. They are doing it perfectly, and it’s OK.

By seeing this, there is a shift out of resistance. It allows for it to be held differently, related to with a bit more kindness and wisdom.

Seeing beliefs and resistance as a problem, there is identification and wrestling. Finding more clarity and seeing that beliefs/resistance are doing their job, there is a release.

Some related beliefs to inquire into:

They are obnoxious. They are disrespectful. They ruin my experience. 

Resistance is a problem. Resistance creates problems for me. I can’t be happy, satisfied when resistance is here. 

Beliefs are a problem. Beliefs mean I am stuck. I can’t be happy, satisfied when beliefs are here. 

And even…. Reality (what I am) cannot notice itself when resistance/beliefs are here. 

And some of what I find now:

Beliefs are really in service of (the image) of this human self. The intention behind them is to protect and take care of this human self.

Beliefs and resistance come from love. They are an expression of love.

Seeing and feeling this, there is a great deal of appreciation and even gratitude. I see that beliefs and resistance are here to serve, they are an expression of love. And also, there is a freedom to follow the thoughts and impulses or not. And an invitation to inquire into the thoughts to find what’s already more true for me.

Beliefs and resistance is a genuine expression of love, and in seeing that, there is (a noticing of the already existing) love for beliefs. They are held in love, as a child is – even when it’s upset. I can listen to it. Acknowledge that it’s view has validity, from it’s point of view. Seeing that there is a bigger picture, and something else may be more wise and kind. Follow what seems most wise and kind. And hold it all in love.

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