The Work on sustainability

I have thought of perhaps holding a The Work on Sustainability workshop if/when that time comes, after I am certified in The Work.

Some possible thoughts for folks identified with the sustainability movement:

I know, they don’t. I get it, they don’t.

I know what’s best. My solutions are best.

They are uninformed. They need to be informed.

They are the problem.  They need to change their behavior.

Mass extinctions are terrible.

Humanity needs to survive. Humanity can survive.

Death is terrible.

Then imagining what thoughts some folks may have about sustainability:

I have the right to do what I want.

I have the right to a good life.

The sustainability folks are naive. 

And – through genuine, specific examples – find the validity in each of these.

Note: When there is more clarity around these thoughts, what I find is that it’s natural to aim at solutions and behaviors that seem to benefit myself, the larger whole and future generations. And yet, there is also the knowing that – for instance:  (a) I don’t know the full consequences of my actions. (b) I don’t know what’s “best” for myself, others, species, the Earth and future generations. (c) Death of individuals, species and ecosystems allows for new life. Past mass extinctions have lead to amazing evolutionary leaps. Who is to say that the current one is “bad” or “wrong” in the larger perspective? Something amazing may come out of this one too.

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