Imprints beyond thought?

 Do you know about Soul imprints that are beyond thought? Strong pulls that have come around before.

Beyond thought. I can find lots beyond thought – anything that isn’t thought is beyond thought. Anything appearing in any of the sense fields – sensation, sight, sound, smell, taste. And all of that is of course filtered through thought as soon as there is a label.

In this context, you can say that energies, wounds, habitual patterns etc. are beyond thought, although they are really labels, interpretations and images appearing in my world of images.

I notice a wound around feeling alone and being unlovable. That’s a label and an interpretation. And I can add other stories to it: It’s from my early childhood. It comes from western child-rearing practices (lack of body contact, babies not sleeping with their parents). My parents were not comfortable with themselves, so couldn’t offer me the love and comfort I needed. It’s from past lives. And so on. The stories can be endless. And although the wound is there at energetic, emotional, physical and behavioral levels (again, this is sorting, labels and interpretations happening in thought), they also reflect and mirror a set of beliefs: I am unlovable. I am alone. Nobody likes me. Something terrible will happen. I will die. It’s terrible to die. Those beliefs can be questioned. And when that’s done as meditation, the shift happens and is reflected at all levels. And that too is a story.

Really, none of that is my business, apart from identifying and questioning beliefs. (Not even that is really my business. It happens or it doesn’t.)

Note: Any imprint comes from an initial belief, even if it appears at energetic, emotional and physical levels. That belief is reflected in the energetic, emotional and physical patterns (AKA wounds, hangups, knots). And that belief can be identified and questioned, allowing an unraveling of the knot and more availability of our natural kindness and wisdom. It can be very helpful to approach these knots from many different angles, including energetic, emotional and physical (such as TRE). And for it to resolve more completely, it’s helpful to identify and inquire into the set of beliefs behind it. It’s all an invitation to find what’s more true for us than the initial belief, and find our own guidance in the turnarounds. It’s all an invitation to come home.

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