A Friendly Universe

Byron Katie sometimes says it’s a friendly universe.

It’s easy to find that when life aligns with my shoulds, my beliefs of how it should be.

Can I also find it when life does not align with my shoulds and beliefs?

A friend (BW) dies. If the universe is friendly, why would that be?

It allows space for new individuals and evolution of new species. Death allows for life, in a very real way.

He had lived a full and rich life, and brought joy to many through his humor and heart.

I hadn’t seen him for a couple of years, so for me he had already “died”.

He was distressed and unhappy about certain things in his life, so he was spared from more of it.

His death taught many people about what to do (and not do) if someone has a heart attack while hiking.

I heard the memorial service was beautiful and heart opening for many.

It helps me look at death – including my beliefs around it.

And some beliefs:

He died. He died too young. He shouldn’t have died. He shouldn’t have died that way.

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