Talk vs Inquiry

I tend to avoid talks (with the exception of Adyashanti), and am now in a bodywork intensive that includes talks so this topic comes up for me.

Some beliefs:

He should use inquiry instead of just telling people. It’s more helpful for people to find it for themselves.

He presents it in too dualistic a fashion.

He shouldn’t be so tied to the tradition (Gurdjieff).

I see I tend to value inquiry higher than talks in my own world, and want to find what’s more true for me.

What’s the value in talks?

For me, now:

Talks may offer pointers for own inquiry.

I get to see how my mind responds to what’s said, including some of my beliefs – which I can then take to inquiry.

My mind tends to explore the validity in the reversals of what’s said, which sometimes seems helpful.

Currently, in the “bodywork” intensive I am in, I somehow benefit from the atmosphere.

Sometimes, talks include an invitation for sharing own experiences, which I often find helpful.

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