What if everything you have automatically assumed as true…..

What if everything you have automatically assumed as true actually isn’t how things really are?

What if the whole notion of ‘me’ and the ‘world’ are simply ideas?

What if its these ideas that appear to create a deeply unconscious sense of incompleteness that results in insatiable yearning and striving in an attempt to heal this (imaginary) split?

What if seeing through these ideas is actually the answer to every (yes every) problem thought to exist? Would you actually be interested in exploring this further?!

Solving ‘personal problems’ and the ‘problems of the world’ is dependent upon seeing through the apparent idea of ‘me’ – in other words the complete annihilation of the personal sense of self. No compromise. Total oblivion. In an instant of sincere, direct investigation the whole sense of self and the world is irrevocably changed – forever.

Sounds terrifying 🙂 However, what is gained in exchange is ALL that IS.

A pretty cool exchange, don’t you think? 😀

– Karen Richards on fb

And that, of course, doesn’t exclude the truth in all the opposites of what she said.

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