Is it true I am not enough?

One of the basic universal beliefs seems to be I am not enough.

I am not smart enough, not good looking enough, not kind enough, not enlightened enough, not wealthy enough, not generous enough.

The simplest way of exploring this is staying with the question:

Is it true I am not enough?

I can also investigate the particular stories of how I am not good enough, some of which are listed above.

And then underlying beliefs:

(a) I am not good enough, and that means…..

Nobody will like me. I will be alone. I will be lost. I will be miserable.

People will judge me.  People will see me as inferior.

(b) I am not good enough, because….

There is something wrong with me. My parents messed me up. I was born wrong.

I am too weak. I don’t have enough courage. I am caught up in fear.

Note: Inspired/reminded by Adya’s talk Three Pillars of Enlightenment starting at about 1:24.

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