What hears the sound?

What hears the sound?

I sit with the question.

Sounds happen as awareness.

They hear themselves.

(And they are heard by the whole field of awareness.)

The appearance of the sound happens instantaneous.

A bit later, there is an image of space, of a sound over there, a me over here with a certain boundary, and this me hearing the sound and responding to it.

There is also an image of an I observing it all.

It’s a bit comical how these images of space, sound and me pop up, in an attempt to explain and make sense of something that is very much simpler. And there is also a beauty in it’s innocence.

– 0 –

Initial draft

I sit with this question.

I notice the sounds are heard right where they are.

They are awareness/sound/hearing in one.

The hearing happens instantaneous.

Then, there is an image of space, with an image of the sound over there and a me here hearing it.

Those images happen quite a while after the sound appeared.

They are constructed.

And the me is very small within the field of awareness.

It’s an image of a me within a particular boundary.

I stay with the question.

The sounds happens instantaneously as awareness/sound in one.

Then a series of images of space, a sound located in space,

and a me located somewhere else in space hearing or responding to the sound.

There is also an image of time, and images tying together sounds from the past, more recent past, and expected sounds in the future.

(The images are a bit delayed.)

– o –

The answers are not so interesting.

They are just what happens here and now.

So I sit with the question again.

What comes up now?

What seems true for me?

What seems even more true for me?

– 0 –

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