Our stories are all exactly the same

When you tell me the story of your life, when you share your trials and triumphs, your failures and achievements, your loves and losses, I do not hear a ‘story’ at all, I hear a unique invitation back to the truth of who you really are, a unique invitation to wake up from all stories, including this story. I never confuse you with your narrative, although your narrative is always honored for what it is…

Our stories are all different, and yet our stories are all exactly the same – they are all simply reflections and refractions of that Original Story before time, that story of the One forgetting itself and seeking itself again, becoming two so it can know itself as One, metaphorically-speaking. And so your story is not really ‘yours’ at all, it is only giving voice to an ancient cosmic nostalgia for a wholeness you may have once known, only a call to stop pretending to be limited and separate, far from the One you love, far from the timeless truth of yourself. For the One you love is already here, calling to you in each and every moment, breathing down your neck, much closer than the next breath, prior to these words, long before even the next thought, and the only words it whispers are, “you are already home, child, you are already home…”

– Jeff Foster

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