Statements for inquiry: Spacing out saves energy

Situation: Facilitating The Work.


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My energy reserves are low, fragile.

I use a lot of energy by focusing.

Focusing requires effort.

 If I don’t space out, I’ll be tired.

My client requires me to spend energy.

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I need to save energy.

I don’t have enough energy.

My body doesn’t have enough energy.

My mind doesn’t have enough energy.

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There is energy.

It’s my energy.

My energy can be high or low.

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By spacing out, I save energy.

By distracting myself, I save energy.

By avoiding facilitating, I save energy.

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Spacing out is easier, more comfortable.

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If I don’t have enough energy….

I won’t get it done.

I will space out, be distracted.

I won’t facilitate well.

He/she won’t like me.

I will be too passive.

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TA: Spacing out does not save energy. (i) It creates stress, which takes energy. (ii) I feel more drowsy afterwards.

TA: Being focused saves energy. (i) I am more engaged, so I feel I have more energy. (ii) I don’t have the stress of not following what’s happening. (iii) Attention is on what’s happening, the client, my own inquiry, not distracting (often a bit stressful) thoughts.

TA: Energy saves spacing out. (i) When I am engaged, I feel I have energy, so I am not drawn to spacing out.

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