Turning it over to God

I notice how good and right it feels to turn it all over to God, and repeat.

Whatever is here, my whole life situation (situations, experiences, thoughts, fears etc.), feel it, turn it over to God. And if there is turmoil, first bring attention to sensations – to the breath, the heart. This releases attention out of churning thoughts, and invites it to find some stability.

In my experience, turning it all over to God opens for a sense of trust. There is a sense of transparency. It’s a reminder that all is already Spirit. There is relief, a sense of returning home. I am more free to listen to guidance, and act with more ease.

This is a second person relationship with God. I – as this human self – cannot do it on my own. I never do it on my own, my life cannot exist without Spirit (reality, the wider world, Big Mind), and sometimes it’s very clear I cannot do it on my own as a human self. I don’t know the way. So when I turn it all over to God, I make myself available for guidance, and it’s a reminder that it’s all already Spirit.

Note: It’s probably a given. When I say give it over to God it can also be said as give all my worries over to God. It doesn’t mean that I don’t act in the most wise and kind way available to me, and am an as good steward of my life as I can. And at the same time, I give – in my mind, my intentions – everything over to God, without exception. My whole world is given over to God.

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