The truth is that until we love cancer, we can’t love God

The truth is that until we love cancer, we can’t love God. It doesn’t matter what symbols we use—poverty, loneliness, loss—it’s the concepts of good and bad that we attach to them that make us suffer.
– Byron Katie

2 thoughts to “The truth is that until we love cancer, we can’t love God”

  1. Tend to disagree… Sounds a bit masochistic comment. Who can possibly love their cancer. At best one can feel love inspite of cancer or through the illness. They can maybe accept cancer or learn new values… maybe even compassion. But loving cancer itself… what is there to love. It is like saying ‘I love pain’. And the condition: cannot love God without loving cancer… Well, in that case God is left without love.

  2. Thank you, Elsabeth. I think the most important thing – in life and inquiry – is to be honest about how we experience the world, as you do, and it’s easy for me to find what you say in myself.

    I see what Byron Katie says here as an invitation. Is it possible for me to love cancer? (Or whatever else I initially recoil from.) What fears does it bring up to even contemplate the possibility? What am I afraid would happen if I found love for it? (Am I afraid I would be passive, not take care of myself, not take care of my health, not do the treatment? Does it seem cruel to love cancer?) How is it to not love it? How would it be if I did? What basic or underlying assumptions do I have about cancer? (And health, death?) Do I know it’s true?

    There are no absolute or fixed answers here. The only real answer for me – and for any of us – is what’s true and real for me here and now. And I am open for it changing. I am open for something else to reveal itself (or not).

    This quote also reminds me of what Jesus said about loving your enemies. When I explore that for myself, I see that when I find love for my enemies (what my thoughts may tell me is an enemy), I do it for myself, not anyone else. It’s how I find peace and clarity, and it’s how I can access my fuller resources.

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