A question for hungry ghosts

When hungry ghosts come up, here is one question I can ask it:

What would satisfy you forever?

No words are needed. What comes up is felt, silently.

Said another way, the answer presents itself and there is no need to put it into words. It’s felt, in silence.

I asked this question of the part of me hungry for love – from women especially. What presented itself came up in layers. First, it wanted to be loved by many or all women. Then, it wanted to be loved completely by my mother when I was a child. Then, it wanted to be able to feel this love completely, take it in. Then, to notice, feel and take in completely the love that’s already here. That’s what would satisfy it forever, to notice, feel, take in completely the love that’s already here.

Note: This is from Pamela Wilson, via Kiara. The term “hungry ghost” is perhaps a little unfortunate. These aspects of me are innocent and they come from love, they wish the best for me. They are created from mind holding certain images and thoughts as true. And they wish (in a sense) for understanding and love, and freedom from being run by images and thoughts taken as true.

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