Shadow material

Something more abstract about shadow material:

Any belief creates shadow. As soon as an image or thought is held as true, some things goes into the shadow, hidden (mostly or partly) from view.

(a) The validity of the reversals are in a shadow. I don’t see the validity in it’s reversals, and I don’t so easily find it in my own life. I don’t so easily acknowledge it, feel it, take it in.

(b) The reverse identities go into the shadow. Any image or thought comes with an identity, and when it’s taken as true it’s identified with. That means that the reverse identities are unfamiliar to me, I don’t so easily see how they too fit me and my life.

(c) The limited validity of all of these images, thoughts and identities goes into the shadow. The image or thought held as true appears more true than it really is, and its reversals appears less valid than they may be – if I am honest with myself.

Underlying beliefs – and their corresponding shadows – tend to be quite universal, shared by most people in a culture or perhaps by most humans in general.  Beliefs are transmitted by family, friends and culture. And they are also personal when they are adopted and taken as my own.

In a process of (a) consciously embracing and finding the wholeness of who we are, (b) what we are noticing and acknowledging itself, and/or (c) who we are aligning more with what we are, there is an invitation to see, feel and find love for these thoughts and images, the tendency to take them as true, and the innocence and love behind that tendency.


– shadow material
– any belief creates shadows – the validity in its reversals (and finding it here in my life), reverse identities that also fit, that none of it is completely true (apart from in a very limited sense)
– universal and shared, transmitted by family and culture, and personal and right here
– in awakening process (wholeness as who we are + what we are recognizing itself, and who we are more aligned with what we are), comes up to be seen, felt, loved, to find clarity, to find it here (own it, find validity in it, find gifts in it)


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